Inclusive Leaders + Innovative Ideas = Cultural Change™

  • Project 99 helps leading organizations engage and retain diverse talent through leadership programs tailored to the millennial workforce.


    Our programs put young professionals from all backgrounds at the forefront of cultural change at their organizations by enabling them to become inclusive leaders — leaders who infuse the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything they do and hence drive innovation and business results.


    The long term vision of Project 99 is to advocate for 30% racially and ethnically diverse senior leadership across the private sector. Right now, the country is 30% Black and Latino, but only 3% of people from these backgrounds are represented in senior leadership positions. Project 99 envisions a workforce where this leadership gap no longer exists - we call this 30by2030.

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    Our Impact

    Project 99 and SAP - Equitable Workplaces Leadership Experience


    Hear straight from our 99 Leaders - professionals who have gone through our Project 99 programs

  • The Challenge


    Young professionals of colors have the lowest retention rates in Corporate America.


    3X - Likelihood compared to counterparts that Millennial of Color talent quits their jobs (HR Council)

    $64B - Amount of money companies lost last year due to people leaving their jobs (HBR)

    Our Inspiration


    The diverse millennial generation want their voices heard. They see diversity as not one aspect of who we are but many aspects of our identity (Deloitte).


    99.9% - All people are nearly identical at the DNA level (Humane Genome Report)

    .01% - Yet, everyone has a part of them that is uniquely their own (Human Genome Report)


  • Our Model

    Project 99 is developing inclusive leaders that leverage our collective power yet embrace each individual's uniqueness.​


    Instead of top-down. Our programs are led by the people in the room and not outside experts that often don't relate to the experiences of the participants. Participants are learning and encouraging each other.


    Instead of a boring presentation. Our workshops are hands-on and based on challenges, simulations, and exercises that help us explore and navigate what can often be difficult conversations regarding race and our overall identity.


    Instead of traditional leadership programming. Throughout every element of our programming, we infuse identity and the self. The road to leadership and success is different for everyone.







  • Our Services are Innovative Leadership Development Experiences


    Program Goals: Objective 1: Create the most innovative and groundbreaking solutions that will lead to cultural change and racial equity at the workplace. Objective 2: Build the inclusive leadership skills needed to manage a diverse workforce.


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  • 99 Accelerator


    Project 99's signature program

    30by2030 Summit


    Project 99's annual convening

    October 2018

  • Meet The Founders

    Project 99 Co-Founders and Managing Partners
    Yulkendy Valdez - YulkendyValdez.com
    Josuel Plasencia - JosuelPlasencia.com

  • Project 99 Advisory Board

    Ramon Marmolejos


    Co-Founder & Partner


    Emzingo Group

    Bennie Wiley




    Willey Group, Former CEO of the Partnership

    Stephanie Browne


    Chief Diversity Officer


    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

    Nurys Camargo




    Chica Project

    Danny Allen


    Vice President & Tech Diversity Lead



    Phyllis Yale




    Bain & Company

    Juan Carlos Morales


    Managing Partner


    Surfside Capital Advisors

    Justin Kang


    VP of Strategy & Growth


    Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce - City Awake

    Betty Francisco


    Founder & President


    FitNation Ventures

    Radhames Nova


    President & CEO


    Junior Achievement of Northern New England

    Cristina Costa


    Director of Marketing and Student Engagement


    Duet, Former Hubspot and PayPal

    Andy Fitzpatrick


    Managing Director, Business Banking


    First Republic Bank

    Martin Smith




    Just Means, Starting Bloc

  • Partner Organizations

    Camelback Ventures

    4.0 Schools Tiny Fellowship

    WIN Lab Accelerator

    Resolution Project


    Smarter In The City Accelerator

    Hispanic Heritage Foundation

    Boston Women's Workforce Council

     Thomson Reuters Foundation - TrustLaw

    Pledge 1% Boston

    Transformative Action Institute

    Clinton Global Initative



    College for Social Innovation












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