Travel to the Dominican Republic

    and Haiti for an 8-day experience of a lifetime

    for professionals of color.



    June 2018 / 30 Changemakers / Impact and Fun

    We help you fundraise the costs!

  • Project 99 is diversifying leadership


    We convene underrepresented students and professionals from around the world in immersive experiences that enable them to be the leaders of tomorrow.


    The Gap


    There is a leadership gap. Though Black and Latinx people represent 30% of the United States, they only represent 3% of all senior leaders.


    Our Approach


    We host week-long immersive experiences abroad for young Black and Latinx leaders that enable them to be role models of color for both their home communities and the communities they visit abroad.


    All while embarking in an experience of a lifetime that is supporting them in their path to senior leadership - and eventually bridging the leadership gap. Our next program is in the Dominican Republic and Haiti during June 2018.

  • Not a tourism experience. A change making one.

  • Learn about the world and yourself but have fun too.

  • What Will You Be Doing?


    Entering A Life Long Community


    As part of Project 99, you join a supportive network of other top Black and Latinx young leaders.


    Our program fellows are the future CEOs, presidents and board members, we convene high potential individuals who have already made an incredible impact in their community - and are ready for the next step. In the process, creating a curated network that will last a lifetime. Post-program, our participants engage in a myriad of activities.


    Global Citizenship

    Gaining The Global Citizenship Needed To Lead


    As part of our program, you will be trained with the global citizenship required to lead by interacting with local communities around the world.


    We engage directly with the local community, where we collaborate with partner organizations and create a long-standing connection in the places we travel.

    Inclusive Leadership

    An Innovative Travel Experience


    You will work together in co-creating solutions to achieve a more equitable and inclusive society particularly in regards to gender, class, and racial equity. We will also observe the needs for environmental equity, particularly regarding water, electricity, and other resources.


    This is not a tourist experience; we believe the future of travel for the next generation involves interacting with diverse people and ideas, working together, and contributing one's unique talents.



  • Build a network of future leaders​

  • While learning about the world around you.

  • Day To Day

    Get ready for a transformative and jam-packed experience!

    Day 1

    Travel Day

    Arrival to Haiti and ecosystem tour provided by our local partner

    Day 2

    Haiti Tech Summit


    Day 3

    Haiti Tech Summit


    Day 4

    Haiti Tech Summit


    Day 5

    Travel Day

    Arrival to the Dominican Republic

    Day 6

    Retreat by the Ocean

    A day to reflect on your own identities as well as work together with your cohort to create impact

    Day 7

    Community Building

    A day to volunteer in the local community through a fun activity in partnership with our local partner

    Day 8

    Travel Day

    It is time to go back home and take back your learnings!



  • What Makes Us Different

    Social Impact

    By investing in a Project 99 experience, you are always investing in the community. A percentage of our profits from 99 Global

    are re-invested into local programs provided at no costs in the communities we serve.


    Engage with our interactive and dynamic curriculum focused on best practices around social justice, collaboration, and inclusive leadership.


    We believe magic can happen when people are brought together to explore their identities in a global context.

  • Where We Have Already Been

    Dominican Republic and Haiti Immersion 2018 next!

  • Your investment makes local community programs possible



  • FAQ

    Visit Project99.co to learn more about our other programs, find our press kit, management structure and social media pages.

    • Where and When is happening? For the summer of 2018, our featured program is an 8-day multi-country experience in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
    • What is happening? Engage with our interactive and collaborative curriculum focused on best practices around community building, social entrepreneurship, and leadership.
    • Program Pricing? $1500-$2000 program tuition covers lodging, food, and ground transportation, airfare is not included.  Final price depends on itinerary. Once you arrive, we take care of the rest. 
    • Expected Outcomes? Through the Project 99 experience, participants are able to develop self-awareness, collaborative & inclusive leadership skills as well as effective intercultural communication practices. You will also get to have fun and meet diverse and interesting people! Perhaps pick up some Spanish and Creole.
    • Who founded Project 99? Project 99 was started by Yulkendy Valdez (yulkendyvaldez.com) and Josuel Plasencia (josuelplasencia.com), two young entrepreneurs passionate about social justice, travel, and meeting new people.  
    • What is Project 99 pay it forward? Project 99 has a pay-it forward model. By attending one of our Global Experiences, you are investing in our programs provided at no costs to vulnerable local youths in our host countries.


    The Time Has Come


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