• 99 Accelerator







    Tackling racial equity at the workplace

  • Goal 1


    Join us in creating the most innovative and groundbreaking solutions that will lead to cultural change and racial equity at the workplace



    Goal 2


    In the process, build the inclusive leadership skills needed to manage a diverse workforce



    Why Racial Equity in the Workplace?


    Racial equity in the workplace is both a business and social imperativethat influences

    all aspects of your business - from recruitment, retention to performance.









    67% of job seekers

    said a diverse workforce is important when considering job offers. (Glassdoor)

    3 times more likely

    Black employees who felt censored in the workplace are 13 times more likely to feel disengaged and 3 times more likely to leave their jobs (Center for Talent Innovation)

    83% of millennials

    are more actively engaged when they believe their company fosters an inclusive culture – and in 10 years millennials will comprise nearly 75% of the workforce. (Deloitte)

    Ethnically diverse companies are 35%

    more likely to outperform their respective national industry medians. (McKinsey)

  • 99 Accelerator

    Program Structure



  • 99 Accelerator Kick-Off Retreat


    Day and a half retreat where the cohort meets each other, connects with sponsor senior leaders, and begins working on the Project 99 Challenge.

    Project 99 Challenge


    The cohort starts working in their small teams to solve the Project 99 Challenge, a real-world team simulation focused on tackling racial equity at the workplace. The Project 99 Challenge is broken down into 4 phases, and teams are supported through each part of the process.

    30by2030 Summit


    Cohort presents their solutions at the 30by2030 Summit - an annual convening focused on breaking down the U.S. racial leadership gap.

  • Program Outcomes

  • For Your Employees


    Professional and personal development,

    mentoring, and peer networks

    • Inclusive leadership skills: 21st century competencies — empathy, collaboration skills, and adaptive/agile mindsets
    • Recognition from senior leaders and lifelong relationships with peers
    • Long-term career roadmap

    For Your Company



    Engaged workforce, long-term cultural change,

    and exposure to diverse talent


    • Increased engagement and retention of high-performing talent
    • New and innovative ideas from employees to foster inclusion in the workplace
    • Improved data to inform talent hiring/retention strategies
  • What people are saying about Project 99?

    "Project 99 was able to open conversation that needed to be had."

    "It was a fascinating experience. I am always amazed by how much a little perspective can close the gap between people. "

    "We opened up and came up with clear ideas to find a solution to racial and inclusion issues."

    "This really brought a group of diverse folks even closer than normal."


    Our Impact

    Project 99 and SAP - Equitable Workplaces Leadership Experience


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