• We help leading organizations engage, retain, and advance diverse talent through peer-led and experiential workshops and events.

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  • Introductory message from Co-Founders

    Yulkendy Valdez and Josuel Plasencia

  • The Problem

    Young professionals of colors have the lowest retention rates in Corporate America


    Likelihood compared to counterparts that Millennial of Color talent quits their jobs (HR Council)


    Amount of money companies lost last year due to people leaving their jobs (HBR)

  • Our Inspiration

    The diverse millennial generation want their voices heard. They see diversity as not

    one aspect of who we are but many aspects of our identity (Deloitte).


    All people are nearly identical at the DNA level (Human Genome Report).


    Yet, everyone has a part of them that is uniquely their own (Human Genome Report).

  • Our Model

    Project 99 is developing inclusive leaders that leverage our collective power yet embrace each individual's uniqueness.​


    Instead of top-down


    Our programs are led by the people in the room and not outside experts that often don't relate to the experiences of the participants. Participants are learning and encouraging each other.


    Instead of a boring presentation


    Our workshops are hands-on and based on challenges, simulations, and exercises that help us explore and navigate what can often be difficult conversations about race and our overall identity.


    Instead of traditional leadership programming


    Throughout every element of our programming, we infuse identity and the self. The road to leadership and success is different for everyone.

  • Project 99 Services

    99 Accelerator

    The 99 Accelerator is a 9-month leadership development experience that equips your high-potential millennial talent to tackle racial equity at the workplace.


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    Custom Programs

    Leadership development programming to fit your different needs in terms of length, participation size, and focus areas. This includes 90 minute sessions, half-day, overnight retreats, and multi-day sessions.


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    30by2030 Summit

    The 30by2030 Summit is a first of its kind event to help advance Black and Latino professionals into senior leadership positions.


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    99 Global

    International leadership retreat in the Dominican Republic and Haiti during June 2018.


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    99 Dominicana

    Project 99 has operations in the Dominican Republic. If you are a company, non-profit, or organization in need of innovative leadership development programming or corporate social responsibility consulting, we would love to speak with you.


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    Hacking Inclusion

    Hacking Inclusion is a hands-on program designed for educational institutions and non-profits focused on developing ideas to solve diversity and inclusion challenges.   


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  • 99 Accelerator


    Project 99's signature 9-month accelerator for companies. Launching early 2018

    30by2030 Summit


    Project 99's official company launch event!

    October 18th at WeWork South Station Boston

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  • Meet The Team

    Yulkendy Valdez - YulkendyValdez.com
    Josuel Plasencia - JosuelPlasencia.com

  • Project 99 Advisory Board

    Ramon Marmolejos


    Co-Founder & Partner


    Emzingo Group

    Stephanie Browne


    Chief Diversity Officer


    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

    Nurys Camargo




    Chica Project

    Danny Allen


    Vice President & Tech Diversity Lead



    Betty Francisco


    Founder & President


    FitNation Ventures

    Justin Kang


    VP of Strategy & Growth


    Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce - City Awake

    Radhames Nova


    President & CEO


    Junior Achievement of Northern New England

    Phyllis Yale



    Bain & Company

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